creative arts & performance
summer camps

Eugene, OR


imagine That! Summer Adventures have been providing fantastic fun to 7 – 13 year olds since 1993. Once a child starts coming to Imagine That, the camps tend to become a beloved annual adventure of creativity, connection and collaboration.


The teachers co-create an imaginative narrative outline for the final performance. We tell the story to the children on the first day of camp. They then choose their characters, script themselves, write music, choreograph dances, build costumes, sets and props. Every creative impulse is honored.


imagine That! is unique because of the high level of collaboration between the teachers and the campers. Every person is equally important in the creation of our theatrical adventure.


Each two week camp is a celebration of creativity in action. Every camp culminates in an exciting full scale performance (about an hour and 15 minutes long) which is followed by the traditional weird food potluck and camper’s shop. Expect the performance to be a celebration of resourcefulness, ingenuity, courage and teamwork.

Three fun traditions

The Talent Show happens at the end of the day on the first Friday of each camp. Friends and family are welcome. It is usually a breathtaking display of talent and gumption.

The Weird Food Potluck takes place after the final performance of each camp. Words could not do justice to this culinary display of oddity in food. The rule is as long as its edible, we don’t care what it looks like. Campers are encouraged to make or bring food that resembles some of the themes that were explored in the production.

The Shop invites campers who are interested in marketing their art-work to sell their creations in the post-show shop. Children price their artwork and make all the profit from their sales. The  is a fun way for children to take their creative expertise seriously. Adults are encouraged to bring loads of loose change to the show.

Camps fill up quickly, so apply early.