Delight beyond delights that we get to reunite in person. Welcome back, Imagine That! campers, we missed you so much.

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Creative arts performance summer camps for 7 – 13 year olds

imagine That! Summer Adventures in Eugene, Oregon have long been a summer tradition for creative children in Eugene between the ages of 7-13.  These exciting camps are utterly unique because they offer a truly collaborative creative experience for children and staff alike.


For so many children, imagine That! represents what summer feels like. Camps tend to become a most beloved annual tradition, a special time to gather with friends old and new to cultivate creativity, co\nnection and collaboration.


Dance: A celebration of the body as an instrument of self expression and joy.
Art: Taking ideas from conception through construction to completion.
Music: Twisting familiar songs into pretzels of joyful newness.
Drama: Giving voice to playful variations of self expression.


imagine That! is unique because of the high level of respectful collaboration between teachers and campers. Every person’s voice is equally important in the creation of our theatrical adventure. Children learn that their opinions count here.


Each camp culminates in a full scale musical extravaganza. Expect the performance to be a celebration of resourcefulness, ingenuity, courage and teamwork


The Talent Show: At the end of the day on the first Friday of each camp (2.30 – 3.30 p.m). Friends and family are welcome. A tender display of talent and gumption.
Parents please bring a blanket to sit on. 

The Weird Food Potluck: Takes place after the final performance. Campers are encouraged to make or bring food that resembles some of the themes that were explored in the production.Words cannot do justice to this culinary display of oddity in food. The rule is as long as its edible, we don’t care what it looks like.

The Potluck will be held in an outdoor picnic format. Parents, please bring a blanket to sit on. Weird Food Potluck will now be the Dress weird showcase option. Parents and friends attending the show are invited to wear their happiest, wacky clothes to celebrate our coming together in community again after a long hard year of isolation. There will be an award for most wacky dress and we will have a fashion show option for willing players.

The Shop: Campers who are interested in marketing their art-work are invited to sell their creations in the post-show shop. The is a fun way for children to take their creative expertise seriously.