Each day children rotate through classes in DRAMA, ART, MUSIC, & DANCE in age appropriate groups. Campers and teachers collaboratively create a unique musical extravaganza in ten short days. Every child is invited to give voice to themselves in whatever ways work best for them.

The Story of the Show
Deep in the depths of winter, the drama teachers huddle around a fire and dream up the Imagine That! story outline. Though all four camps share the same basic storyline, each production is uniquely particular to that group of children and teachers.

Careful consideration is given to each age group’s interests and how the four artistic mediums could best support their creative process.

Children will have the opportunity to:

  • Choose their own characters
  • Script themselves
  • Write songs
  • Choreograph dances
  • Design and Build costumes and sets.

Each year’s story takes place in a particular geographical context.
This year we are going underground.