This year we are orienting the celebrity group to celebrating heroes sung and unsung. We offer a list of possible celebrity characters and hope that you will talk to your child about some of the heroes/heroines on this list, as consideration for character choices that might be fun to play. Our list is not exhaustive so if you or your child come up with an alternate celebrity character that has heroic appeal, we’ll go with that .

Each child between the ages of 11 – 13 will choose three celebrity characters for their participation. It is fun to choose three characters that might not get on with each other – makes for more drama 🙂

Heroes / Heroines Brainstorm:  

Nina Simone

 Joni Mitchell

David Bowie

Lisa Belladonna

Johann Sebastian Bach

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Emily Dickinson

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Cotton

Stevie Wonder

Willie Nelson

Da Vinci

Lebron James

 Babe Ruth

Robert Pollard

Barack Obama

Van Gogh

Ringo Starr…

Joe from little women

Ruth Bader Ginsburg 


Nelson Mandela

Sally Ride

Marie Curie

Rosa Parks

Hedy Lamarr 



Atticus Finch

Emma Watson

The little prince

Robin Hood


Joan of Arc

Oliver Twist


PippĂ­ long stocking

Mr. Rodgers

Lyra Silvertongue (from his dark materials)

Amelia Earhart

Frida Kahlo 

Charles Darwin

Harvey Milk

Naomi Parker/Rosie the Riveter

Lucille Ball

Jane Goodall


Queen Elizabeth

Meghan Markle 

Sandra Day O’Connor 

Jaques Cousteau 


Ronald Dahl or any of his characters 

Lanakila Mangauil

Prince Harry

Rachel Carson

Angela Davis

Maya Angelou

Susan B Anthony

Coretta Scott King

Indira Ghandi

Ada Lovelace 

Isadora Duncan



Janelle Monae


Shell Silverstein

 Dr Seuss

Matilda (roald dahl)

Hermione Granger

Nancy Drew

Celie (the color purple)

Jane Eyre

Lisbeth Salander


Helen Keller

Jackie Robinson

Kobe Bryant

Harriet Tubman

Marie Curie

Guatama Buddha

Anne Frank

Stephen Hawking

Eleanor Roosevelt

Oskar Schindler

John Lennon

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Amelia Earhart

Dali Llama

Harry Houdini

Mother Jones

Cesar Chavez

Sojourner Truth

David Beckham

Lady Gaga

Desmond Tutu

Taylor Swift

Billie Holiday

Ellen DeGeneris

Amy Goodman

Ai Wei Wei

Patch Adams

Frida Kahlo

Steph Curry



Megan Rapinoe

Brene Brown

Tara Brach

Steven Biko

Nelson Mandela

Winnie the Pooh


Anne of Green Gables

Big Bird