Will I need to help my child with these activities?

We have oriented our activity planning to self reliance and independent action by children.  If your child is 7 -8 they might need a little assistance setting up an activity. 

What if my child doesn’t like some of the activities?

 This box will provide your child with 50 hours of activity (maybe more). If they find that they do not enjoy one of the activities, that is simply one hour that they can veer away from or return to at any point. Each of the small envelopes/ 5 arts mediums offers at least 1 hour of activity. If they skip one activity, they will still be up to speed with the story development.

I have one younger child and one older child. Will they be doing the same thing if they each get a box? 

Yes and no.  Players will be following the same story line but only a few of the activities are the same across all groups, most of the activities will vary between the groups.

How do I find the facebook link for posting videos ?

Hello,There have been some questions about the Facebook page so hopefully this helps…First if you search it look for imagine that box-of-fun.  Or, here is a link to the facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/imaginethatEugene
When you get to the page you should see your profile with a little space to post and if you don’t see that, look for a little box that says posts and when you click it your profile will come up with a way to post on the imagine that box of fun page.We (the teachers) are so excited to see what the children come up with.
If you have further questions please contact Kellee (imagine that dance teacher) atKellee.blanchard@gmail.com
Thank you!

I have no income because of the pandemic. Can I still get a box?

 Yes, Just let us know who you are and which box you want. Some folks who are able to are paying more so that people who have been financially impacted by the pandemic can still access boxes for their children. We want as many children as possible to have access to all the love we have put into this design.

Do I need to buy a bunch of art supplies so that my kid can do these activities?

Nope, we are planning these boxes to use supplies that can be found in most homes. We will be providing some fun supplemental features

Are activities time sensitive?

Nope – We have designed the use of these boxes to be open ended. Players can take as long or short as they want with activities and return to clues and videos whenever they choose. Each activity is designed to be an hour long.
Part of the beauty of the box is that kids can take as long as they want to do it.  We based it on 10 days with 5 hours a day because that is what live camp was but it could be done over months.  Each activity can be explored to the children’s content and interest so some activities they may spend less time on and some they will be able to explore for hours.  The box is full of guidance and prompts and supplies but the children can go at their own pace as they choose.  It would not diminish the experience to take more than 10 days.

Will there be a performance?

Children are invited to send videos of themselves to our facebook page or to our email and we will update the facebook page so that they can see who else is participating, who their characters are and what they are making.  

The performance aspect is completely up to them.  Throughout the activities they will be invited to share photos or videos if they like on our Facebook page where they can see who else is participating, who their characters are, and what they are making.  There will also be songs and dances that all participants in their group are learning so it will be fun to see the many versions.