imagine That! Boxes

An imagine That! box offers a fun filled adventure that can be played in the confines of home and neighborhood.

Imagine That teachers have collaborated to create ten full days of Adventure, Art, Dance, Drama, and Music that can be played anywhere.

As always, we have built a wacky storyline for campers to play in, and this year does not disappoint.  Every day will feel like a new chapter of the ongoing story.

Anticipate 5 hours of activity a day for ten days. These can be spread over many days, as needed.

Timing is up to the player.


In every box there are ten large white envelopes numbered 1 – 10. Inside each large envelope are five smaller colored envelopes. The colored envelopes will each offer an hour of activity in drama, art, music, dance and adventure. Some of the small envelopes will also include special treats or tools for the adventure.

Every hour of activity is accompanied by a fun video by beloved Imagine That teachers.

Children will be invited to open two similarly colored envelopes for each activity: one online and one in hand.

Planning has been oriented towards supporting players in cultivating self management without needing ongoing parental supervision

Activity prompts come in fun forms such as letters, poems, recipes and news reports.


50 hours of creative arts engagement. 

An unfolding story

Three different age group boxes.

7 – 8 , 9 – 10 and 11 – 13

Depending on age, kids play a different character group within the narrative.

All children will follow the same story through to completion. All players will meet unexpected challenges with opportunities to strategize, research, build, track, invent, design, dream, laugh and play.

Children will have the opportunity to send us home-made videos or photos which will be featured on the imagine that facebook page or our website.

Value of the boxes is $275

We are offering a tough times sliding scale $55 – $250.

Pay what you are able

Pay more to supplement boxes for families financially impacted by COVID

Box pick up: Boxes are available for pick up or can be mailed (additional cost for shipping)


If you would like to reserve a box for your child please send an email to Lola and Kelli telling them your name, your child’s name (s) and their child’s age(s).

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