Hi there imagine That! I’m Andy, Lola’s husband and long time teacher and writer.

Naming Rights

A few years ago in Joshua Tree, where the Mojave and Sonoran deserts meet, Lola and I had one of our regular talks about life, love, poetry and play. In a spirited conversation about the fun in naming things,  Lola “gifted” me the naming rights to the camps. That’s the short version. Each winter in your annual imagine That! registration e-mail you will find a short story by me introducing the camps for the coming year. The names will have an annual theme.


  Silverton, Arjuna, Jumanah and Quicksilver

Imagine that celebrates its 25th Silver Anniversary this summer 2018. Back in 1993 when “IT” began, gas was $1.13 per gallon, Bill Clinton was President, Ruth Bascom was Eugene’s Mayor, Schindler’s List, and Groundhog’s Day were some of the year’s big films, Whitney Houston came out with “I will always love you”, The Grateful Dead played at Autzen Stadium (and drew more fans than the Ducks), The Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series, Microsoft issued Windows 3.1 and the only phones outside of our homes were mobile phones which a few people had in their cars. Lola was 28 that first summer and Taj had just turned one and Andy moved to Eugene. In honor of this auspicious anniversary the camp names honor four things silver.
#1-Silverton (Old English, Silvertown)
#-2-Arjuna (Sanskrit, whiteness of milk, lightning and the silver light of dawn)
#3- Jumanah (Arabic, Silver pearl)
#4-Quicksilver (Mercury or “fast man, it all goes by so fast!”)